I’m told that a single draft horse can move 2 tons of weight, but two draft horses in harness, working together, can move 23 tons! This truth is based on the concept of “synergy” (from the Greek “working together) – the scientific principle that two animals (or people) can do more than one can do alone.

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 agrees. It tells us that “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work”. And God created the church work on that same principle. If you and I are truly Christians we want to accomplish as much as we can for Jesus in our lifetime. Our Christianity isn’t about YOU, it’s about the Jesus that you love and want to serve.

When more than one Christian decides to work together, they can accomplish more than any one Christian could do alone. Thus church membership is all about you deciding that you want the church you attend to do more for God than you or they could do by themselves.

That starts with the commitment to attend that church regularly. As a member, it’s now YOUR church. Your regular attendance and taking part in the singing, prayer, communion, and offerings encourages everyone else that’s there.

And since this is now YOUR church, it is the place you want to see succeed. That means this is the place you commit to support the church – both financially and physically. At this congregation, your financial support not only pays the staff and utilities… it also goes to missions, helping those who are struggling financially in our community and in underwriting our efforts in the community to reach others for Jesus. But at this church you also have the freedom to serve God as you feel Him leading you. As long as you are not doing something immoral or unbiblical the leadership will help you meet your objectives for Jesus.

Lastly, as a member, you are committing yourself to work with others in this congregation to share your faith with others. We help you in this by promoting special occasions for you to invite your friends and relatives to church. But we also give you the knowledge you’ll need to talk about God and His Word by the various Bible studies and Sunday School classes that are offered.