Ark Encounter Trip

It has been said that an amateur built the ark, while a group of professionals built the Titanic. We know that God provided the instructions, but we are still left with so many questions. How did they build to such large dimensions with ancient methods? How did they keep the lion from eating the lamb? How did they spend their time on the ark?

Answers in Genesis, operators of the Creation Museum, have built a life-size replica ark and filled it with displays and exhibits to answer these questions and more. This is a trip designed for all ages to come and explore the world before and during the great world-wide flood, demonstrating how such a calamity could have happened and how a family of eight was able to survive and once again inhabit the earth.

The latest feature of the Ark Encounter is the opportunity to stay overnight in the ark. For $59 each, our group will be able to participate in a flashlight tour/scavenger hunt, sleep in the ark, eat breakfast and enjoy a private showing of the zoo, all before spending a regular day of exploring the various exhibits throughout the ark.

Additional money for three meals and souvenirs will be needed. If you can help provide transportation, please let us know how many can ride along with you.

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