Need A Detour?

Construction is once again closing Third Street as of April 28, 2021.  The closure may remain until July 2021 (extended until September 3).  You may have been using that route to attend church and need an alternate.  Or maybe you’re looking to join us for the first time, but the road closure has gotten in your way.  Check out the map below and consider these options:

If someone would normally come to 3rd Street on Market from the west, they could take a right on Cicott, left on Clinton, and a right on Burlington.

Coming from the east, one must choose to either continue west to Cicott and follow the above after a left turn or go to 18th Street where they can either take Main to Burlington and take a left or the bypass to Burlington and take a right.

Maybe life has thrown some road blocks in your life and you’ve been looking for the right detour.  Come on over to 2347 S. Burlington and worship with us at the Church of Christ at Logansport.

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