The Man From Arimathea 3-18-18

How did Joseph become a member of the Sanhedrin and ultimately become a secret follower of Jesus? This first person presentation explores one possible explanation.

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Rules are Rules (06.01.2014)

Rules are Rules

The Pharisees of Jesus' day died long ago. But their spirit lives on in congregations across the land. How can we recognize if we have become like the Pharisees, and what did Jesus teach us about what we need to know to avoid becoming like those men?

Where’s Your Worth (12.01.2013)

Where’s Your Worth

Where do you find your “self-worth”? Is it in God, or in yourself? The Pharisees looked for their importance in themselves and ended up robbing God of His glory to gain their own. How can avoid the traps that ensnared these highly religious leaders?

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